About Me

Driven by Curiosity

Everyday, I wake up excited to work with great people to accelerate growth by balancing business goals with user experience. I focus on the outcome of delightful user experiences that drive business impact rather than just the output of design artifacts.

my story

Understanding People to Solve Problems and Seize Opportunities.

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved being creative and curious. Torn between pursuing business or design, I went to the University of Waterloo to study Communication & Business with a Specialization in Digital Arts Communication, followed by a Master's in Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology. My education infused a human-centric design mentality that has helped me turn insights into beautiful solutions that delight users, while also delivering business outcomes.

At home, I'm a Father and Husband. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, basketball and collecting coins (so cool). I also love travelling and getting to know new places and cultures. These activities charge my batteries so I can be creative and full of energy every day.

Skills: Growth / Design Sprints / Design Thinking / UX / UI / Design Management / Design Systems / Web Design / eCommerce / Agile Management / Business Model Design / Brand Development / Marketing

My mission and values

How I Live & Breathe

My mission is to work with people who are passionate about solving important problems to design better businesses that accelerate growth. Here's some values that inform my decisions, actions and pursuits in life.


To have a growth mindset and not be limited by weaknesses. I aim to be a life-long student and live a more curious and humble life that allows me to continue to grow.


To be aware and present. To be less open to distraction and more vested, amazed and grateful in the moment. I aim to be calm, patient and more self-aware.


To unleash my imagination and resist fear through creativity in ways that consistently and continually give me joy. To inspire myself and those around me to be bold.


To practice extraordinary kindness and live a more giving and compassionate life. I aim to live life less selfishly and be respectful to those around me.


To build community and always carve out time to support entrepreneurs and creatives so that we may all grow and thrive together.


To live a sincere, honest and truthful life. I believe in always being respectfully candid, even in moments where it may be difficult.


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